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Overcoming Persistent Barriers to Effective Management of Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting up to one in every five children worldwide. Primary Care Providers (PCPs) must be aware of the social aspects of the disease, as well risks for psychosocial developments....

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Jack Cohen, DO Private Practice
Keller, Texas
Jack Cohen,

ZIKA Workshop

The recent outbreaks of Zika virus and increase in reported related birth defects have presented new and challenging questions.  The body of knowledge related to Zika is emerging. This ZIKA Workshop aims to give the healthcare provider...

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Patrick S. Ramsey, MD, MSPH Professor, OB/GYN
Director - Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship
Medical Director - Maternal...
Patrick S Ramsey,

Asthma Goes to School

Children with asthma take their asthma with them to school, and school nurses stand at the forefront of providing care to these children during the school day. The collaboration between the parent, doctor, and school nurse can optimize the care...

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Annette M. Minnerly, RN Health Services Coordinator,
Arlington Independent School District
Arlington, Texas
Annette M Minnerly,

Cyber Security in Medical Devices

Twenty-five million Americans rely on implantable medical devices, including pacemakers, defibrillators, insulin pumps, and deep brain stimulators for important, life-sustaining functions. As remote monitoring and remote adjustment of these...

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Educating Patients on Appropriate Inhaler Use

Participants will have the opportunity to learn about and use demonstration devices of newer asthma and COPD inhaler devices in ‘skills lab-type’ atmosphere. Educational techniques to teach patients how to correctly use these newer...

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Shara Elrod, PharmD, BCACP Director of Community and Ambulatory Practice
Assistant Professor of Pharmacotherapy
UNT System...
Shara Elrod,

Global Health Edu.

Activities that reflect the importance for global health and the effects it has on health professionals and the patients they serve.

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Unlocking Stroke Prevention in Patients with Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation

Join a nationally acclaimed cardiologist, Dr. Paul Bhella, as he leads a panel discussion that seeks to unlock the complexities of stroke prevention through traditional and novel oral...

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Sports Medicine Ethics - A Dedication to Self Morals vs Taking One for the Team

Physicians are trained to assess, evaluate, prevent, treat and heal. As we graduate from medical school we recite the Hippocratic Oath subjecting ourselves to the premise of “Do No Harm”. From our childhood, we are reared with our...

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Michael Shaffer, DO Associate Professor, Family and Sports Medicine, UNT Health Science Center
Michael Shaffer,

The Illusion of Opioids

Literature has shown that prescribers receive little education on the treatment of pain resulting in less effective pain treatment with worse outcomes. Attendees will learn the evidence-based analysis of the relative effectiveness of...

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Donald R. Teater, MD Medical Director, Behavioral Health Group, Asheville, North Carolina
Donald R Teater,

Building a Patient Centered Medical Home

From building a strong foundation, to community involvement and implementing metrics to your practice, this series of eLearning activities will ensure that you are ready to begin the process of becoming a Patient Centered Medical Home.

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