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Differentiating Dementia

Recognizing dementia can be challenging for healthcare providers. Even more so is differentiating the different types of dementia in order to guide management of course of therapy. Improving the diagnosis of the various forms of dementia can...

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Multiple Sclerosis Leadership Summit

The field of multiple sclerosis treatment is rapidly evolving through important advances in clinical investigation and emerging scientific discoveries. Leading experts from MS research and comprehensive care institutions participated in an MS...

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Multiple Presenters Bruce Cohen; Joseph Berger;

Osteoporosis Update

One out of 3 women and one out of 5 men will suffer an OP fracture in their lifetime.  It is important in our aging population to know who to screen and how to evaluate and treat a patient for osteoporosis and prevent these...

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Barbara L. Slee, MD Faculty, John Peter Smith Hospital, Department of Family Medicine;
Medical Director, Electronic...
Barbara L Slee,